Design and Preformance Qualification

Many well-conceived projects disappoint the sponsors because:
  • Some of the key performance parameters have been lost in the design and implementation process
  • Inadequate attention has been given to the interaction between the facility, the process and the people
  • Operability and maintainability criteria have not been clearly defined and understood
  • The handover from the project team to the operational and maintenance staff is incomplete, typically involving missing information, inadequate operating and maintenance procedures and staff training, and missing essential spares.
Project teams usually start with good intentions and procedures, but the urgencies of implementation overtake the team, and key background work is left incomplete at commissioning.

Irvine Young Ltd can help by;
  • Leading and facilitating design reviews
  • Accessing specialist support in the design of built environment
  • Setting-up maintenance procedures and spares
  • Commissioning support.