Lifecycle Asset Performance Review
  • What is the real cost of operating and maintaining your assets?
  • Are you spending too much – or re-investing too little?
  • How does equipment performance affect your business?
  • What potential for improvement or cost reduction really exists?
  • How confident are you that your products and workplace consistently comply with the relevant health, safety, environmental and quality standards?
  • Should you outsource or recruit your own staff?
Most companies will ask these questions, but rarely base their operational engineering programmes on the answers.

Irvine Young can review your key performance indicators and underlying data to generate proposals to optimise your activities and expenditure to suit your particular business needs. The review involves some preliminary data gathering, and interviews with key staff which allows a preliminary assessment of the scope, cost and timescale for change. This can lead to:
  • Definition of maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance Practice Review and may lead to detailed studies such as: Reliability Engineering & Design and Performance Qualification

Irvine Young can deliver, lead or facilitate such studies and assist you to implement and deliver the benefits to your business.